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About Us

IIPC is a nonprofit devoted to safeguarding the sanctity and dignity of human life and facilitating the actualization of its fullest potential, by employing religious diplomacy and working with religious and traditional leaders in various communities. IIPC began full operations in 2014 with funding from the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation to organize a Vaccine Summit in Dakar, Senegal, of influential Muslim religious leaders in Sub-Saharan African to address mistrust, misconceptions, misinformation and the general lack of awareness of vaccines with a view to minimize or possibly eliminate religious-based and other forms of resistance to administering vaccines in the region.

Our Mission and Vision

IIPC is an organization whose mission is to “Facilitate Coexistence” globally by promoting and rewarding collaborative interfaith work. Global coexistence is being threatened by mistrust and differences between entrenched traditional values, mostly defined by different spiritual beliefs and practices, and modern secular leanings. Differences in attitudes towards religion and religious practices and the extent to which religion should be a part of civil society as a regulating factor in all of man’s endeavors. Differences in whether religion should have a role in both our moral and practical laws, and if yes, to what degree?

All of our activities, our communities of Ambassadors of Compassion (AOCs), Compassionate Neighborhoods, Compassionate Businesses, the network of partnership organizations, the summits we hold, etc. are driven by our vision of “Compassionate Coexistence” and our desire to facilitate that dream. A dream to see a world where living together in harmony is the rule rather than the exception, among people of all orientation and between them and their natural environment.

Our Operations

Our agenda is to be an agent of change, fostering an environment of tolerance, respect, and understanding amongst people of all faiths, providing a forum for moderate voices to be heard so as to improve cultural literacy as a means of promoting co-existence between peoples, communities and societies holding different spiritual and secular values. IIPC also aims to create platforms for civil society to engage in dialogue and activities by empowering people with knowledge, skills, and resources, as well as celebrating, supporting, and enhancing interfaith efforts around the globe through a network of partnerships.

IIPC operates at three levels – the short-term, reactive domain, where we respond to life changing emergency needs as they arise and provide material, moral and psychological relief in cooperation with our partners. The second level is the medium-term, proactive domain, where we engage communities in developing capabilities that will enhance their self-worth and dignity as individuals and communities. Our focus in this domain is healthcare, education and socioeconomic development. Finally, the long-term reflective domain, where we work to build foundations for mutual understanding among and between communities and promote peaceful and compassionate coexistence, focusing on the enhancing values that promote liberty, values and freedom within the boundaries of acceptable societal norms.